The OPRD team provides quality evaluations, both summative and formative. In addition to studying the outcomes of planned initiatives, we focus on matters of program fidelity, continuous improvement, replication, and sustainability.

US Department of Education 

Evaluation and planning to regional and state level constituents regarding the processes and effects of special education training and implementation in higher education and K-12 institutions throughout NYS.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and College of Architecture National Science Foundation (NSF)“Inspiring Innovations: Merging Pedagogical Paradigms from Engineering and Architecture”

Evaluation of regional and statewide higher education and public school partnerships focusing on special needs students.

DoDEA Evaluation Mathematics Course 

United States Department of Defense-funded project evaluation to determine impact of staff development, core curriculum and parent outreach in reducing mathematics achievement gap of military dependent children.

Agriculture / Rural Distance Learning Program

From a grant involving Cornell University and seven North Country rural schools; provides technical assistance for curriculum development to increase capacity of rural schools to provide quality education.

NYS Education Department / Best Practices Website Project           

To identify benchmark schools based on student achievement in NYS, and to study and disseminate best practices aligned with high-achieving, low wealth schools.

PANY Campus Compact / Learn and Serve America

Evaluation of regional and interdisciplinary learn and serve projects administered by eight higher education institutions in two states. The Pennsylvania and New York Campus Compact Consortium, funded through Learn and Serve America, provides oversight.

Colgate University / Discovery Under the Hood

Evaluation of the effect of a summer program on the science of automobile repair on the knowledge, aspiration, and decision-making of adolescent female students.

Syracuse University / Bellevue Academy Youth Empowerment Program

Funded by the Office of Minority Health, Department of Health, the project serves minority youth at middle school level. The evaluation includes quasi-experimental and qualitative tracking design toward continuous improvement and program effectiveness.

School Administrators Association of NYS

Evaluation to inform multiple state organizations of the effects and the processes of a Gates Foundation funded, multi-year initiative focusing on leadership and technology throughout the state.

Magellan Foundation / Dropout Prevention

Evaluation study of administrators in 100 rural schools and implementation of initiatives for dropout prevention in the secondary schools of the region.

Oswego County BOCES Enrollment Forecasting Study

Study of tax effort in the school districts throughout the region and a study of enrollment forecasting for ten years in school districts throughout the region.